Audio Branding, Book To Learn How To Build Your Brand With Music.

How to Power Up Your Brand
With Audio Branding.

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Audio Branding, Book To Learn How To Build Your Brand With Music.

Discover How to Power Up Your Brand With Audio Branding.

⤷ Download First Chapter for FREE !

Audio Branding, the new book from Laurence Minsky and Colleen Fahey, demonstrates how to use audio to capture the minds of your audience, even when they aren’t directly paying attention.

Underpinned by practical, step-by-step guidance and cutting-edge research, this book delivers fascinating insights on how to enhance brand presence through user experience, so readers can create a brand that is both distinctive and valued.

“Music and sound, congruent with other sensory experiences. Reading this book might just give your brand that competitive edge you are looking for.”

Andrew Wilson, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Office, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

“This book rings true.  Written by marketers, not musicians, it is  must for anyone who’s building or defending a brand today.”

Angela Johnson, EVP, Worldwide Managing Director, Ogilvy

“Audio Branding is the piece of marketing we have been missing for years.  Minsky and Fahey provide a detailed roadmap and process to get others to hear your brand as well as they see it.”

Keith Quesenberry, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Messiah College & Author, Social Media Strategy: Marketing and Advertising in the Consumer Revolution”

“Marketing doesn’t have a “blind spot.” It’s deaf! Too many operate with the audio dimension totally unleveraged. Read this book. Then listen for your own unique audio opportunities.”

Bruce Bendinger, The Copy Workshop

About the authors

Laurence Minsky

Laurence Minsky is associate professor in the Department of Communication & Media Innovation at Columbia College Chicago and author or co-author of many books on advertising and marketing. He is also an award-winning marketing strategist, creative director, and copywriter focused on creating innovative and effective branding and cross-discipline marketing solutions for many leading brands.

Colleen Fahey

Colleen Fahey is an experienced creative executive, with deep expertise in branding and the multiple marketing touchpoints. She is US Managing Director of Sixième Son, the world’s leading audio branding and sound design agency. Throughout her career, Colleen has worked for major marketing organizations on some of the leading brands in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

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About “Audio Branding, Using Sound to Build Your Brand”

Audio Branding delivers fascinating insights into this burgeoning field of marketing, underpinned by practical step-by-step guidance and cutting-edge research to enhance brand loyalty through user experience.

Written by authors who have contributed directly to the development of this field, the book contains an enlightening set of case studies, including companies such as Renault (a surprisingly emotional audio brand) Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (an warm, energetic audio brand), and Michelin (a globally coherent audio brand).

Covering issues such as the dominance of audio-enabled devices and the phenomenon of continuous partial attention, Audio Branding demonstrates how brands can infuse sound into so many different aspects of their identity, building in a subtle longevity of brand presence through daily user experience

Table of Contents

  • Chapter – 01: What is audio branding – and why should I care; (get your free sample)
  • Chapter – 02: Branding in the digital age;
  • Chapter – 03: Meet audio branding’s parent: sensory branding;
  • Chapter – 04: Welcome to the world of audio branding;
  • Chapter – 05: Process: Developing the (audio) brand;
  • Chapter – 06: Finding direction for your audio brand;
  • Chapter – 07: The creative process;
  • Chapter – 08: Research and testing;
  • Chapter – 09: How to launch an audio brand;
  • Chapter – 10: Keep your audio style guide handy;
  • Chapter – 11: Ongoing and updating;
  • Chapter – 12: Start Now

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